Joseph G Mansour, Principal and Founder

Mr. Mansour is the founder of Accord Interests, LLC, and has been a real estate developer since 1977.  During his career, Mr. Mansour has owned, developed, and operated numerous properties in a variety of segments, including hospitality, residential, industrial and retail.  Mr. Mansour focuses primarily on identification of new development opportunities for the company, and implementation of such developments.  He is actively involved in project conceptualization, design, finance, and management implementation.  Prior to forming Accord, Mr. Mansour practiced law with Pillsbury, Madison and Sutro in California.  His practice areas included real estate, corporate restructure and bankruptcy.  Mr. Mansour graduated with honors from University of Missouri and received his law degree from Washington University School of Law.

Office:  323-512-0111 x 303

Cell: 310-245-8220


May 11, 2023

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